How do I start earning cashback?

Start shopping online or in store from our exclusive list of retailers using your Tuxedo Prepaid card and you will start earning cashback automatically.

Will it cost me anything?

No, this facility is FREE if you have a Tuxedo Prepaid Card.

How long will it take for my cashback to be credited?

After the first 60 working days your first cashback will be credited, then monthly thereafter.

View the 2013 payment table

Spend Between Cashback Applied
24/04/2013 – 23/05/2013 17/07/2013
24/05/2013 – 23/06/2013 21/08/2013
24/06/2013 – 23/07/2013 18/09/2013
24/07/2013 – 23/08/2013 16/10/2013
24/08/2013 – 23/09/2013 20/11/2013
24/09/2013 – 23/10/2013 18/12/2013
24/10/2013 – 23/11/2013 22/01/2014
24/11/2013 – 23/12/2013 19/02/2014

How can I check if my account has been credited?

Log in to our secure banking here and click on cashback.

How do I withdraw my cashback?

Your eccount will be credited with any cashback you have earned within the last 30 days. To withdraw the cashback you will need to move the amount from your eccount to your card and then you can withdraw at an ATM as you normally would.

Why haven’t I received my cashback yet?

Please check you made your purchase using your Tuxedo Prepaid Card and check our 2013 Payment Table above to see when your cashback is due to be paid.  If you have not received any cashback you think you are due please contact us and we will look into this for you.

How do I log in to my account?

Log in to our secure banking here.

How do I load money onto my card?

You can load money onto your card using any of the following methods: at any shop or garage where you see the PayPoint logo, by credit or debit card, at any Post Office branch, by bank transfer. Fees may apply. For more information click here

How do I check my balance?

Text BAL ECC to 80777 (+44 778 1474 776 if overseas). You can also check your balance by logging in online or by calling our automated service on 0871 220 6420.

What should I do if I have another question not covered here?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Please enter your 9 digit eccount number (which can be found on your prepaid card) to view the cashback available.

For help, please contact Customer Services on 0871 220 6420.