Card Account Supplemental Cashback terms and conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 These terms and conditions (“Cashback Terms”) set out the basis on which the Cardholder (“you” (and words such as “your” shall be interpreted accordingly)), can earn and receive Cashback as a result of purchases made with your Card.

1.2 The Cashback Terms are supplemental to and apply in addition to the Tuxedo Prepaid service terms and conditions. In the event of any inconsistency between the Cashback Terms and the Tuxedo Prepaid service terms and conditions, the Tuxedo Prepaid service terms and conditions shall take precedence. For ease of reference, the Cashback Terms adopt the same definitions used in the Tuxedo Prepaid service terms and conditions unless specifically stated otherwise.

1.3 By applying for or using the Tuxedo Prepaid service to accrue Cashback you are agreeing to these Cashback Terms in addition to the Tuxedo Prepaid service terms and conditions.

1.4 The distributor of Cashback is Tuxedo Money Plus Ltd (“TMP”, “we”, “us, “our”) acting in its capacity as programme manager on behalf of IDT Financial Services Limited. Cashback is provided by Participating Retailers in accordance with these Cashback Terms.

2. Definitions

2.1 “eccount”, “account”, “card” all refer to your prepaid card account

2.2 “Cashback” means the offer of money back, at the Rates, on Eligible Purchases made at a Participating Retailer.

2.3 “Cashback Terms” has the meaning set out in clause 1.1

2.4 “Eligible Purchase” means a purchase made using the Card at a Participating Retailer.

2.5 “Participating Retailers” means the list of selected retailers offering Cashback on Eligible Purchases, as amended from time to time, which can be found on the Website.

2.6 “Rate” means the percentage of the amount spent on an Eligible Purchase offered by Participating Retailers, from time to time, as Cashback. Such rates are determined by Participating Retailers and may vary, please refer to Participating Retailers for details.

3. Earning Cashback

3.1 As a Cardholder you may be entitled to earn Cashback from Participating Retailers on Eligible Purchases.

3.2 Cashback is subject to offers made by Participating Retailers, and at the Rates determined by the Participating Retailers, from time to time.

3.3 A full list of Participating Retailers, and the Rates offered by them from time to time, shall be kept on the Website. We shall use reasonable endeavours to keep the list updated, but make no guarantee that Participating Retailers will offer Cashback at the Rates set out on the Website. If an Eligible Purchase qualifies for Cashback, the Participating Retailer shall pay the Cashback to us. We act solely in a capacity as distributor of Cashback received from Participating Retailers, and TMP makes no warranty as to payment of Cashback by Participating Retailers.

4. Receiving Cashback

4.1 Once we have received Cashback from a Participating Retailer then, subject to these Cashback Terms (including clause 4.3), we shall credit the Cashback to your eccount / card.

4.2 We shall only be required to credit the Cashback to your eccount / card once it is has been received by us from a Participating Retailer. If a Participating Retailer fails to pay Cashback to us, or such Cashback is lower than the amount of the Rate determined by the Participating Retailer, we shall not be liable to credit the Cashback, or any shortfall amount, to you.

4.3 Individual payment terms may vary, so please allow for sixty working days for Cashback to be transferred to your eccount / card following an Eligible Purchase (Subject to 4.2, ).You may review the Eligible Purchases made, and the Cashback received by logging on to your Accounts via the Website. If there is any discrepancy between the Eligible Purchases and the Cashback received in your eccount / card please contact us.

5. Cashback cancellation

5.1 We reserve the right to deduct any Cashback which we determine has been paid into your eccount / card in error. We may deduct such sums from your eccount / card.

5.2 We will cancel any Cashback you would otherwise have earned, or which we have already received from a Participating Retailer, if you breach the Tuxedo Prepaid service terms and conditions or these Cashback Terms in a material way.

5.3 We will cancel any Cashback you would otherwise have earned if your Accounts are closed prior to the payment of Cashback by us to you in accordance with these Cashback Terms.

6. Returns

6.1 You will not be entitled to receive Cashback on Eligible Purchases that are subsequently refunded by a Participating Retailer.

6.2 If we have already paid you Cashback for goods that are subsequently refunded to you (“Refunded Cashback”), we reserve the right to reduce any future Cashback you are entitled to receive by a sum equal to the Refunded Cashback. If no further Cashback is earned we may recover the Refunded Cashback paid from the balance held in your Accounts

7. Changes to the Cashback Terms

7.1 We may change the Cashback Terms at any time by placing a new version on the Website at least two (2) months before the change is due to take effect. The applicable version of the Cashback Terms will be those available on the Website from time to time. Please check the Website regularly as your continued use of the Tuxedo Prepaid service shall indicate your on-going acceptance of these Cashback Terms.

7.2 If a Participating Retailer no longer participates in this scheme, we may withdraw the Cashback offer at any time. In all other circumstances, we may withdraw the Cashback offer by giving you sixty (60) days’ notice If we withdraw the Cashback offer we will credit your eccount / card, in accordance with these Cashback Terms, with the amount of Cashback received by us from Participating Retailers in relation to your eccount / card as at the date the offer is withdrawn.

Please enter your 9 digit eccount number (which can be found on your prepaid card) to view the cashback available.

For help, please contact Customer Services on 0871 220 6420.