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How it works

Be rewarded - in-store & online

Tuxedo Rewards is exclusive to Tuxedo Prepaid card holders. If you are a Tuxedo Prepaid card holder, you automatically qualify for this benefit.

Tuxedo Rewards gives you genuine cashback when you shop INSTORE or online at participating Retail Partners, with up to 15% moneyback offers.

Tuxedo Rewards gives you huge moneyback offers on your regular shopping, unlike many other cashback clubs, which offer smaller, online only, moneyback offers. You can genuinely earn hundreds of £'s per year, simply by using your Tuxedo Prepaid Card with no limit on the amount of cashback you can earn.

Would you like to earn...
  • 3% on your weekly food shop
  • 3% on your petrol
  • 10% on jewellery
  • 8% on some new furniture
  • 6% on your holiday/travel
With new retailers joining the programme all the time, don't forget to check online regularly for participating retailers and special promotions.


LoadTop up your Tuxedo Prepaid MasterCard* with wages, by standing order or bank transfer.


ShopSelect from our exclusive list of Retail Partners and start earning your cashback now. When shopping instore or online you do not need to do anything differently, just remember to pay using your Tuxedo Prepaid card.

The cashback you earn will then appear on your next statement.


RelaxPut your feet up!  We’ll do all the hardwork for you and credit your eccount with any cashback you have earned.  You can keep track of how much cashback you have earned by checking your online statement .

Please enter your 9 digit eccount number (which can be found on your prepaid card) to view the cashback available.

For help, please contact Customer Services on 0871 220 6420.